Tupelo Honey: Rare And Delicious

Not many people have heard of the elusive and majestic tupelo honey. It is made from bees pollinating the flowers of Tupelo trees, which can only be found in the swamps of Georgia and Florida. Due to its scarcity, some honey is sold with the tupelo label even though it has less than 45% of honey from the source. You can tell that you have genuine tupelo honey due to its color, crystallization pattern, and the taste. In an effort to help you recognize tupelo honey, here is an explanation of each of these. 


Tupelo honey has a lighter color than most others. If you ever see it directly on the hive you may think that it has a light green hue. When packaged, this honey will have an extremely light yellow appearance. This is due to the light green, tiny pom-pom flowers of the tupelo tree, and their distinct pollen. 


Tupelo honey has a very distinct ratio of glucose and fructose, which amazingly makes it so that it will never crystallize, no matter how old it is. Since the majority of this honey is made of fructose, some diabetics have even been cleared to partake. If your Tupelo honey does crystallize at some point, it likely has a large amount of other honey mixed in with it, since other kinds of honey have a different glucose and fructose ratio. 


The taste of this honey is often described as light, buttery, and delicious, taking your taste buds on a journey from flavor to flavor. Some people think that the first flavor is often cinnamon, though others have tasted anise or some sort of citrus. In an effort to identify flavors, most people agree that several more spoonfuls are required. Tupelo honey is often regarded as the most delicious honey in the world. 

In conclusion, if you find a location either online or in-person that sells real tupelo honey, make sure to buy in bulk. This honey is so delicious that you will never want to run out. Each year the tupelo honey harvest depends greatly on the weather since these trees are located in the swamps and outer banks of Florida and Georgia. Natural disasters often strike those areas directly, as has been seen in recent years. With any luck, the crop of tupelo honey will swell in the near future. Everyone could do with more of this delicious nectar. 

If you are interested in more information on Tupelo honey, feel free to reach out to honey specialists to learn more.