3 Tips For Making A Healthy And Tasty Smoothie With Paleo Energy Bar Chunks

Paleo energy bars are a great snack when you're on the run and don't want to figure out which food items are paleo at a fast food restaurant. But even when you're at home looking for a hearty meal like a smoothie, energy bars are a great supplement because they're so calorie dense. Remember these three tips if you want to make a healthy and tasty smoothie with paleo energy bar chunks in it.

Use The Sharpest Knife You Can Find To Cut Up The Bar

Since most paleo bars are small and relatively dense, cutting them up into evenly-sized chunks that will stack well with the other ingredients in your blender can be a challenge. Therefore, instead of just using the first knife you can find in your kitchen, stick to using only the sharpest knife you have.

Putting the knife directly on the bar and pressing it with your hand until it touches your cutting board is a better method than simply slicing up the bar like an onion. This is because the moisture and oil on a typical paleo bar will cause it to stick to your knife and fly up into the air if you try to chop it up too quickly and carelessly.

Dip The Chunks In An Oil To Soften Them Up As Much As Possible

The extra fat in flax seed oil or coconut oil will do a lot to round out the nutritional content of a breakfast smoothie. Extra oil is especially useful in a paleo-focused smoothie because it will balance out rough textures from things like green leaves.

To soften up your paleo energy bar chunks, it's a good idea to soak them in an oil for a few moments before you put them in the blender. While energy bar chunks get softened and broken up in a blender as much as anything else, applying oil beforehand accelerates the process and prevents any overly large energy bar pieces from showing up in your final smoothie.

Eat A Piece Of A Fruit Together With A Bar Chunk Before You Consider Using It

Especially if your paleo bar has some meat in it, it's important to try it together with all the fruits you have in your home before you decide on which fruits to put in your smoothie. This is because you may not like the contrast between a very sweet fruit and energy bar chunks that taste like a mix between beef jerky and chili peppers.