Need A Pick-Me-Up? Grab Some Energy Breath Mints Instead Of That Energy Drink

At some point during the day, most people begin to feel tired and lack the energy needed to finish their work or even their workout. They might take a break and grab a cup of coffee or even pick up an energy drink for that much-needed boost to get them through the rest of the day. There might be a better solution to your energy boost problem though in the form of energy breath mints. You might think about picking up a package of them instead of an energy drink and there are a couple of reasons why.

More Convenient

Energy drinks can be great as a temporary pick-me-up, but they aren't that convenient when you are at work or in class. There are a lot of employers and teachers who don't allow any type of drink to be with you on the job or during studies. This could leave you out in the cold when it comes to getting your boost of energy unless you have energy breath mints with you. They are more compact, about the size of a package of gum, and you can chew them anywhere. They are also easier to carry with you instead of having a can in hand if you need both your hands free.

Energy Boost When You Aren't Thirsty

The main issue with an energy drink is, what if you want the energy they provide but you aren't thirsty enough to finish the entire can? This could be a waste of money if you only take a couple of sips and you don't want any more. Energy breath mints will give you the energy you need but you don't have to consume an entire can of liquid to get it. You can simply chew as long as you need to, and then discard once you are done. This, in the long run, can be more cost effective than buying an energy drink you won't finish.

Less Sugar

While both energy drinks and energy mints do have a certain amount of sugar and caffeine in them, if you are worried about your sugar intake, then breath mints are the way to go. Due to their smaller size and more concentrated flavors, they tend to have less sugar than their drink counterparts. You also don't need as much to get the boost as you do with the drinks too. It is possible to only have one mint and gain its advantage when some people need to drink more than one drink over a few hours to feel more energized.

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